A Practical Education Unlike Any Other
        PARAM IMR invites students in, Into two years of practice immersed in real-world challenges. Into a diverse community of colleagues and faculty reflecting Variety of talents, beliefs, and backgrounds. Into an intense period of personal and professional transformation that prepares you for challenges in any functional area.
        To experience PARAM IMR MBA is to go inside the issues that really matter-and to reach inside yourself for the strength, skills, and confidence you will develop to face them. In every case, class, event, and activity, you are asked not only to study situation, but to solve and learn from it.
        Each day at PARAM IMR begins with one question: "What will you do?" Because that's the truest way to prepare you for the larger question that matters most, here and in your career beyond our campus: "What difference will you make in the world?"
This is how the PARAM IMR MBA makes a difference:
Management Across any function

        Change is the one thing you can expect with certainty. That's why we have carefully designed your entire two year journey which is a unique blend of classroom and on the field leanings to help you develop a capacity for analysis, assessment, judgment and action that you can exercise throughout the course of any career you choose to pursue.
This is how the PARAM IMR MBA makes a difference:
An Engaged Learner

        At its core, PARAM IMR student life is built around an intense 360 degree experience that's invigorated with School-wide events, student organizations, guest speakers, seminars, sports, conferences, and more. Everything on the PARAM campus-from our multimedia classrooms to other facilities-is designed to encourage a richer learning experience.
This is how the PARAM IMR MBA makes a difference:
Learning in Practice

        It's one thing to learn a theory from lectures and textbooks. It's something else entirely to learn how to make decisions in the face of conflicting data, complex politics, and intense time and fiscal pressures-then defend your choices among peers as motivated and intelligent as you are. That's exactly what you'll do at PARAM IMR, not once but time and again through two years of in-depth, case-method learning that puts you in the role of the decision maker.
This is how the PARAM IMR MBA makes a difference:
Truly Best Business School

        The PARAM IMR experience is inherently "Explore and Learn". But the Industry connections at PARAM IMR are personal as well. The events and the curriculum methodology are continuously upgraded as per the industry requirements. Every section is in itself a virtual seminar in local relations, drawing talented students with different background and interest-into active discussions enriched by diverse perspectives and points of view.